10 Mind-Blowing Facts About JJ Engelbrecht You Need to Know Today


JJ Engelbrecht is a household name in the world of rugby, and for good reason. The South African-born player first emerged on the scene in 2012 when he made his first appearance for the Springboks. Since then, Engelbrecht has been making waves in rugby leagues across the globe. In this post, we’ll explore ten mind-blowing facts about this talented player that you may not have known before.

Section 1: Early Life and Career

JJ Engelbrecht was born on March 30th, 1989, in Cape Town, South Africa. Growing up, Engelbrecht was always interested in sports, but it wasn’t until high school that he discovered rugby. He first played for Western Province U19 before making his debut for the Stormers in the 2012 Super Rugby season. Engelbrecht then went on to play for the Bulls and the Blues in New Zealand.

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Section 2: International Debut

Englebrecht made his international debut for the Springboks on June 9th, 2012, against England. He was just 23 at the time and had only played a handful of Super Rugby matches before being called up to the national team. Despite the pressure, Engelbrecht rose to the occasion and helped the Springboks secure a 22-17 victory.

Section 3: Prolific Try Scorer

One of the defining characteristics of JJ Engelbrecht’s rugby career has been his ability to score tries. Over the course of his professional career, Engelbrecht has scored a total of 55 tries in 180 appearances. That’s an impressive strike rate of almost one try every three games.

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Section 4: Versatility on the Field

One of the things that makes JJ Engelbrecht such a valuable player is his versatility on the field. He has played in multiple positions throughout his career, including wing, centre, and fullback. This flexibility allows coaches to use him in a variety of roles, depending on the needs of the team.

Section 5: Honours and Awards

JJ Engelbrecht’s impressive career has not gone unnoticed, and he has received several honours and awards throughout his time as a rugby player. In 2012, he was named the Stormers’ Young Player of the Year, and in 2013 he was nominated for the South African Rugby Player of the Year award.

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Section 6: Impact on Rugby Development

Beyond his individual accomplishments, JJ Engelbrecht has also had an impact on rugby development in South Africa. He is a strong advocate for youth rugby and has worked with several organizations to promote the sport among young people.

Section 7: Role as a Mentor

JJ Engelbrecht’s passion for youth rugby extends beyond just advocating for the sport. He also works as a mentor to young players in South Africa, helping them develop their skills and achieve their goals. Engelbrecht sees this as an opportunity to give back to the sport that has brought him so much success.

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Section 8: Future Plans

As JJ Engelbrecht approaches his early thirties, many rugby fans are wondering what the future holds for him. So far, Engelbrecht has remained tight-lipped about his future plans, but he has indicated that he will continue to play rugby for as long as he is able.


1. What is JJ Engelbrecht’s playing style?

JJ Engelbrecht is known for his explosive speed and agility on the field, which make him a formidable attacking player. His ability to score tries from a variety of positions also makes him a versatile asset to any team.

2. How many international caps does JJ Engelbrecht have?

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JJ Engelbrecht has made a total of 13 appearances for the Springboks, scoring three tries in the process.

3. What teams has JJ Engelbrecht played for?

Over the course of his career, JJ Engelbrecht has played for Western Province, the Stormers, the Bulls, the Toyota Industries Shuttles, and the Blues.

4. What charity work is JJ Engelbrecht involved in?

JJ Engelbrecht is involved in several charitable initiatives, including the Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players’ Fund, which provides support to rugby players who have sustained serious injuries.

5. What is JJ Engelbrecht’s favorite rugby memory?

In a recent interview, JJ Engelbrecht cited his international debut for the Springboks as one of his favorite rugby memories. He also spoke fondly of his time playing for the Bulls and collaborating with some of the best players in the world.

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6. What advice does JJ Engelbrecht have for young rugby players?

JJ Engelbrecht’s advice for young rugby players is to stay focused, work hard, and never give up on their dreams. He also encourages them to enjoy the sport and have fun while playing.

7. Will JJ Engelbrecht continue to play rugby?

JJ Engelbrecht has expressed his desire to continue playing rugby for as long as possible. While he has not yet announced any specific plans for the future, fans can expect to see him on the field for some time to come.


JJ Engelbrecht is a rugby player who has achieved a lot in his relatively short career. He has played for several of the world’s top teams, scored dozens of tries, and served as a role model for young players around the world. As he continues to play rugby and advocate for the sport he loves, we can expect to see even more from this talented athlete in the years to come. If you’re a rugby fan, you won’t want to miss the next stage of his journey.

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