Online PDF editors are excellent for helping people make changes to their important PDF files without having to buy expensive, complicated software. PDF editors have several different tools in their editing suites that range from letting users change or remove text to converting and compressing large PDF files. You can also merge, split and combine several PDF texts into one or create smaller, more easily digestible texts by splitting them. But when editing a PDF, there are other things to consider like whether the text is optimized to be found by a Google search and attract visitors.


Choosing the Right Title

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Many other file types are converted to PDF files to make them more easily accessible and shareable since they will be posted online. But when converting a file to another format, the convert PDF to editable Word tool can often change the title of the text to something bland and uninspired.


A poorly written title can affect a page’s searchability since Google browses and chooses relevant pages with lively and interesting titles. If a PDF file editor changes a title to a mediocre one, make sure that you rewrite it to adhere to a keyword or have some other visually stimulating characteristic.


Load Up the Page With Relevant Links

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Interlinking is a common SEO strategy that seeks to make a specific page more relevant to Google by linking to other, more trustworthy pages like government sites or any university or educational sites. These trust-worthy sites make the content on the initial page more germane to a specific search, attracting a user’s attention.


But leaving links on a page that are outdated or no longer relevant does the opposite to the page’s searchability. Google will not list pages that have broken links or that do not redirect to a relevant page, since it will only bring down a user’s experience. So it is important to regularly revise links on any page to make sure they are still active and relevant.

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A Unique File Name


The file name of a PDF is often something that is overlooked. People do not think of it in terms of whether it is optimized or not and because they do not pay attention, it affects the page’s relevancy and ends up hurting its ranking. The file name of a PDF, just like its main title, is something that a user can change to be more attractive to Google search algorithms.


If you create a unique file name, it will be indexed with other pages that have similar information or with a similar HTML tag, which can help increase its ranking as a relevant page that is in line with the user’s search objective. A unique title, of course, also helps the page stand out from the rest.

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Compressing the Images


Many online PDFs are rich with different visual aids and stimuli that help give the page more attractive and eye-catching features, which is good for ranking. But only if the images are compressed and optimized to fit within the page and do not take up valuable time.


The load-up time of a page is a significant marker for its success. Having too many large image files and other elements could slow down the load time and turn off interested visitors who will just visit other, quicker-loading pages. A PDF editor like Lumin PDF has several compression services to change files like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel into a PDF, while also being able to compress image files like JPEG.

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Use Sub-Headings


Sub-headings are useful to organize and order a page into an easily-readable format that breaks up the monotony of passage after passage. They are also useful for SEO purposes since they can be loaded with keywords (but not overloaded) to make the entire page relevant to the search engine.


With keywords inserted into subheadings, it is easy for both the search engine and readers to see the actual content of the page, without even having to click on the page. This kind of immediate recognition can go a long way to getting more searches and visitors and it is a very simple technique as well.

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