Once upon a time, in a small town in Japan, there lived a little girl named Saori Kimura. She was a bright, energetic child who loved to play and explore. Little did anyone know, she would grow up to become one of the most unstoppable volleyball superstars in the world. In this blog, we will take a journey into Saori Kimura’s life and learn about her career, achievements, and impact on the sport of volleyball.

Early Life

Born on August 19, 1986, in Tokyo, Japan, Saori Kimura was destined for greatness. She grew up in a family of athletes, with her father being a former baseball player and her mother being a former volleyball player. Even as a child, Kimura was fascinated with sports and would spend hours playing and practicing. As she grew up, she became more and more interested in volleyball, and her parents encouraged her to pursue her passion.

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Kimura began her professional volleyball career in 2003 when she joined Toray Arrows, a Japanese volleyball team. She quickly became an essential player for the team and helped them win several tournaments. In 2005, she was selected to play for the national team, and her skill and talent shone through. Kimura led the team to multiple victories and became one of the most dominant players in the sport.


During her career, Saori Kimura has achieved many milestones and received numerous awards. She has won multiple MVP awards and has been named the best scorer in various tournaments. In 2012, she was a key player in the Japanese national team, which won the bronze medal at the London Olympics. In 2014, she won the Women’s World Championship and was named the Most Valuable Player of the tournament.

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Saori Kimura’s impact on the sport of volleyball goes beyond her impressive achievements and trophies. She is known for her excellent technique and ability to read the game’s flow, which has inspired young volleyball players worldwide. Her passion, dedication, and positive attitude have made her a role model for many aspiring athletes. She has also helped increase the popularity of volleyball in Japan and has inspired many young girls to pursue the sport.


Q1: What inspired Saori Kimura to become a volleyball player?
A1: Saori Kimura grew up in a family of athletes, and her parents encouraged her to pursue her passion for volleyball.

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Q2: What teams has Saori Kimura played for?
A2: Saori Kimura has played for Toray Arrows, Japan’s national team, and Turkish team VakifBank Istanbul.

Q3: What are Saori Kimura’s notable achievements?
A3: Some of Saori Kimura’s notable achievements include winning the Most Valuable Player award at the 2014 Women’s World Championship and winning a bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympics.

Q4: What is Saori Kimura known for?
A4: Saori Kimura is known for her excellent technique, ability to read the game, and inspiring positive attitude.

Q5: How has Saori Kimura impacted the sport of volleyball?
A5: Saori Kimura’s impact on the sport of volleyball goes beyond her achievements. She has inspired young volleyball players worldwide and has increased the popularity of the sport in Japan.

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Q6: What makes Saori Kimura a standout player?
A6: Saori Kimura’s standout qualities include her excellent technique, game reading skills, dedication, and positive attitude.

Q7: What is Saori Kimura doing now?
A7: Saori Kimura retired from volleyball in 2019 and is currently working as a sports commentator.


Saori Kimura is more than just a talented volleyball player; she is an inspiration to many. From her determination and passion to her unmatched technique, she has shown the world what it takes to be a superstar. Her impact on the sport of volleyball and the young girls who look up to her is immeasurable. Through her accomplishments and hard work, Saori Kimura has become a legend in the world of volleyball.

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