The Remarkable Story of James Southerton: The World’s Oldest Test Cricketer

Cricket is one of the world’s most popular sports, and James Southerton was once a star cricketer. He holds an incredible record that has stood the test of time, and his story is an inspiration to all those who love sports. James Southerton is the oldest cricketer to play in a Test match. He was 49 years and 119 days old when he played his final Test match, a record that still stands today.

Who was James Southerton?

James Southerton was born in Portsmouth, England, in 1827. He was a right-arm fast bowler and a tail-end batsman. He began playing cricket as a teenager and made his debut for Hampshire in 1849. The following year, he was selected to play for England in the first ever overseas Test match against Australia in Melbourne.

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Southerton’s Early Cricket Career

Southerton’s early career was plagued by various injuries. He took a break from cricket in the mid-1850s to work as a professional bowler in London. He returned to Hampshire in 1861 and was soon back in the national team. Southerton was known for his ability to swing the ball, and he was a master of deception.

The First Test Match

The first-ever Test match was played between England and Australia in March 1877 in Melbourne. The match was played over five days, and Southerton was one of the players in the England team. Southerton played a crucial role in the match, taking 6 wickets in Australia’s first innings. England won the match by 45 runs, and Southerton’s contribution was recognized as crucial to the victory.

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The Oldest Test Cricketer

Southerton played his final Test match in 1877 at the age of 49 years and 119 days. He remains the oldest player to ever play in a Test match. Southerton continued playing for Hampshire in the years that followed, finally retiring from cricket in 1882. He passed away in 1880 at the age of 52.

Southerton’s Records and Achievements

Southerton’s Test career spanned a decade, though he played just 7 matches. He took 35 wickets in total, with a best of 7/46. He also scored 113 runs, with a top score of 16 not out. Southerton’s career figures in first-class cricket are equally impressive. He played 108 matches for Hampshire, taking 576 wickets at an average of 15.55.

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1. Who was James Southerton?

James Southerton was a cricketer born in Portsmouth, England, in 1827.

2. What is James Southerton’s record?

James Southerton holds the record for being the oldest cricketer to play in a Test match.

3. What was his greatest achievement in cricket?

Southerton played a crucial role in England’s first-ever Test win, taking 6 wickets in Australia’s first innings.

4. How many Test matches did James Southerton play?

Southerton played 7 Test matches in total.

5. What is James Southerton’s bowling average in Test cricket?

Southerton had a bowling average of 30.10 in Test cricket.

6. How many wickets did Southerton take in first-class cricket?

Southerton took a total of 576 wickets in first-class cricket.

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7. When did James Southerton pass away?

Southerton passed away in 1880 at the age of 52.


James Southerton was an exceptional cricketer, and his record as the oldest Test cricketer ever still stands to this day. His love for the game and his dedication to practicing and improving his skills is an inspiration to every cricketer around the world. Let us appreciate the remarkable story of James Southerton and strive to emulate his passion and sportsmanship.

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